2014 Ford Ranger USA

For those fed up with all words and action, disappointed in the majority of vehicles out there, praying for a real family car will you probably find what you are looking for in new 2014 Ford Ranger. And if you are impatient to get these cars, Ford Company will qualify the model in addition to USA market and in Asia, South-East Asia and Australia for more than 180 retail markets.

2014 Ford Ranger Side

They have chosen a very powerful engine to run this great car. It has 2.3 liters i4 engine capacity. You will agree a great capacity for a pickup truck. It is expected to produce power up to 143 HP at 5,250 rpm. This engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. Also the pick-up truck will start and 2.2 TDCi diesel engine, which will release the power of 150 hp. It is only a few details certain about the new 2014 Ford Ranger. One of those is its resemblance to the previous model when it comes to the same T6 platform. It is confirmed that it will be designed as seven-seat ranger SUV a great choice for large families and those that just like comfort. They also designed it for those interested in Asian, South-east Asian and Australian markets.

2014 Ford Ranger Rear

Keeping in mind the number of people that can fit or the materials and other stuff transferred with this large vehicle, creators made serious thinking on the interior design and materials used. Not only that it is very comfortable, it is also able to endure all kind of pressure. So, they equipped this vehicle with leather seats ornamental details, trailer stabilizing, electrical heated mirrors, and 17 wheels. They assure us that it will be a pleasant drive and that it will survive hours of pushing and tumbling inside. The all-new 2014 Ford Ranger power-trains have been engineered to offer clients an un-compromised combination of power and torque. When it comes to release date there is some argue about the final date. According to some, it will be available by the end of this year. Others claim it won’t be available before the middle of next year. We surely expect it sooner and hope for a promised pleasure.

2014 Ford Ranger Interior

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